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Illegal extensions at shops torn down in Aman Puri

OWNERS of shops and restaurants with illegal structures, beware. Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) is set to demolish those built without its approval.

Yesterday, several shops and restaurants in Jalan Desa 2/1 Aman Puri had parts of their premises torn down by 60 enforcement officers despatched by MPS.

MPS Corporate Department spokesman Mohd Zikri Zulkifli said the illegal structures had extended into parking lots, taking up several bays meant for visitors.

He added that some structures obstructed the traffic flow, while others completely closed off drains and prevented proper maintenance from being carried out, causing hygiene and cleanliness issues.

“We even extended the notice period due to Ramadan and Hari Raya to give the owners more time to demolish the structures,” he said.

Mohd Zikri added that yesterday’s operation was the first phase and that the effort would be expanded to cover the surrounding areas in stages.

“A compound of up to RM500 can also be issued towards errant shopowners should they fail to comply,” he said.

MPS Zone 23 councillor Ng Wei Keong said the exercise was part of the council’s ongoing effort to clear up the commercial areas under its jurisdiction.

“We issued the first notice in January to shopowners to tear down their illegal structures.

“Any proposed structure must have approval from the council and must observe the proper guidelines,” said Ng.

The operation in Aman Puri was met with some opposition from business owners.

Subaashini Munusamy, whose father’s restaurant awning and a wall were demolished, expressed her dissatisfaction with the council’s action.

“My father has run this restaurant for 20 years. Today, the council came to destroy the business he had worked hard to build.

“My father was hospitalised for an operation and had requested for an extension on the notice. The council should have taken that into consideration,” she said, adding that she was considering legal action against the council.

Another business operator, who declined to be identified, accused the council of practising double standards in enforcing regulations.

“There are many other businesses in the area which also have illegal structures taking up parking spots. MPS should enforce its regulations in all the areas and not single out this area,” he said.

Sumber: The Star



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