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JKR ensuring Pan Borneo Highway built to specifications

An aerial view of a stretch of the completed KOP from Jalan Nyabau to Simpang Bakun. File Photo

MIRI: The Public Works Department (JKR) Sarawak is actively monitoring the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway to ensure it is built according to specifications and will be safe for road users, says Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof.

He disclosed this in his winding-up speech in Parliament yesterday and in reply to Alice Lau (Lanang-PH) and Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing (Bintulu-GPS) who highlighted the poor condition and safety during the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway which contributed to road accidents.

According to him, the Ministry of Works (KKR) recently had a meeting to identify improvement especially in Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and Road Safety Audit.

“KKR is aware of accidents and is concerned about safety. Through the controller of the Public Works Department (JKR) Sabah and Sarawak, it will continue to monitor and discuss the matter from time to time, as well as implement improvement measures for better safety along the Sabah and Sarawak Pan Borneo Highway which is currently under construction,” he said.

Regarding a suggestion from Tiong to upgrade the road from Bintulu to Samalaju to dual carriageway, he said the ministry will discuss the matter and forward the suggestion to the Economic Planning Unit at the Prime Minister’s office for approval under the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) Touching on Phase 1 of Sarawak Pan Borneo Highway project, Fadillah said up to July this year, two of the 11 packages have been completed.

Package 1, from Telok Melano to Sematan opened in January last year while the 43km Kick Of Project (KOP) from Nyabau junction to Bakun was completed in December.

“Up to June 2020, the overall development for other packages was at 52 per cent,” he disclosed.

He stated that the Trans Borneo and Sarawak–Sabah Link Road (SSLR) will be implemented in phases. Phase 1 will be from Lawas to Kampung Pa Berunut while Phase 2 will be from Kampung Pa Berunut to Long Lama.

“So far, a letter of intent (LOI) has been issued to the contractor on July 7, 2020 while a letter of acceptance (LOA) will be issued when the contractor meets the conditions set out in the tender document,” he said.

He added that the Trans Borneo Highway will proceed and is currently on its final draft though priority will be given to the completion of the Pan Borneo Highway and SSLR projects.

Sumber: The Borneo Post

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