Sub-packages for Second Trunk Road to be tendered out early 2020 — Masing

ELEVEN sub-packages of the Second Trunk Road are expected to be tendered out early next year, says Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing.

Masing, who is also Infrastructure and Ports Development Minister, in his ministerial winding-up speech the implementation of the Second Trunk Road would be divided into three packages; namely Package A, Package B and Package C.

“Package A comprises five sub-packages from Kota Samarahan to Roban, which is approximately 112km of single-carriageway JKR R5 two-lane highway.

“Package B is the Sebuyau-Lingga-Simanggang-Betong expressway comprising four sub-packages which is approximately 94km of single carriageway JKR R5 two-lane highway.

“Package C comprises two sub-packages which is approximately 30km and includes the upgrading of the existing Jalan Kelupu-Jalan Tanjung Genting-Lanang bridge, Sibu from two lanes to four lanes JKR R5 highway,” Masing said.

The Second Trunk Road, he added, would provide an alternative road to the Coastal Road Network and Pan Borneo Highway.

“This alternative road will be able to improve our mobility as it is able to shorten our travel time and distance from Kuching to Simanggang, Betong and Sibu,” Masing stated.

Additionally, with the completion of the mega projects, the connectivity between towns, longhouses and villages in the state would be seamless.

“The people would be able to enjoy and experience driving along the long-awaited road network where travel time between these places will be shortened and there will, of course, be savings in fuel consumption.

“In addition, a reliable road network would be able to enhance the well-being of the people where productivity levels will be increased. Thus, with the completion of these roads, Sarawak’s economic growth will be further accelerated,” Masing said.

Sumber: The Borneo Post

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