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1st bamboo telco tower by year-end


Edotco Group Sdn Bhd is planning to instal its first bamboo structured telecommunication tower in Malaysia by end of 2019. According to the group, the renewable resource is equally sturdy and environmentally friendly as compared to the traditional steel towers.

“We started the bamboo installation in Bangladesh and we are sourcing the material (raw bamboo) locally.

“The idea of using bamboo is too pronged, one — is as an alternative material, two — is to create a local industry to help the telco(s) grows via local participation,” said edotco Group director of engineering and technology Kumari Nalini (picture).

Since its first inception in 2017, the alternative has managed to reduce 70% of the carbon emission per site and presently, 15 bamboo structures have been deployed.

Studies state that untreated bamboo has the ability to bear the weight of concrete while possessing the rigidity and tensile strength to support its own weight, making it a material for telecom structure.

It can withstand gusts of up to 210km/h, with an expected lifespan of approximately 10 years with proper maintenance.

A bamboo tower takes around 12 days to construct, consumes less energy and it has a capacity to house up to 8 antennas at a time, enabling co-location.

“Currently, we are partnering with University of Malaya (UM) and we are almost done with the design. They (UM) are testing the structure as we speak now,” she said at a media briefing yesterday.

In concerted effort to build a greener future, edotco Group also announced that it has surpassed the benchmark set of reducing carbon emission per site by 54% in 2018.

The group is committed to lead the way in sustainability agenda, resulting in an increase of operational and energy efficiency as well as reduction in operating expenditures.

“The cost reduction currently runs at about 25%-30% overall and we are giving back some of our profits to the planters of bamboo” she added.

Meanwhile, Sirim QAS International Sdn Bhd section head management system certification department Radziah Mohd Daud, said the United Nation’s (UN) Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) has inspired the certification body to consider offering more than 40 sustainable schemes to date.

The SDG adopted by all UN member states provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Moving forward, edotco Group aims to achieve carbon neutral operations by working with the entire ecosystem in mind and ensuring vendors, partners and market players share a common sustainability vision.

The edotco Group operates and manages a regional portfolio of over 29,500 towers across core markets of Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and others. 



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