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JKR fills potholes at Sarikei-Sri Aman road after driver complains of punctured tire

A handout photo shows the repair works in progress this morning. Photo courtesy of Gamuda-Naim

KUCHING: The State Public Works Department (JKR) said they are working to fill in potholes at KM15 of the Sarikei-Sri Aman federal road.

Its director Datu Zuraimi Sabki said its relevant officers have been instructed to inspect and remedy the situation.

Zuraimi said the pothole patching work was currently progress but they only has to be filled up with crusher run first as their premix plant will only be running tomorrow.

Crusher run is a mix of stones that have been crushed into fine pieces, and is often used as filler material for walkways and roads.

“Patching with premix will start tomorrow. In the meantime we will patched the potholes with crusher run,” he said.

Zuraimi added that he had also obtained feedback from officers handling the Pan Borneo Highway project, after a complaint by an irate private company car driver who experienced a punctured tire yesterday evening.

The driver said he could not avoid six potholes and had no choice but to drive over them, puncturing the tire on the passenger side of his car as a result.

He said his employer whom he was driving from Sibu to Kuching, had to get into another car to get safely home.

Then he had to wait for a towing truck to assist him.

“The tire was punctured by a pothole or several potholes around 15KM away from he Sri Aman junction. And these potholes are not just at that spot but almost the whole stretch before you reach KM15,” the driver said.

“Too bad I didn’t take photos of the potholes or of the whole situation. I was focusing on driving. I think I knocked against five potholes before hitting the sixth, which is the biggest of them all,” he said.



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