Elite Speaker,

Thank you for being part of our journey towards realising the seminar and make it happen. 

EvolusiBina delighted and excited to formally invite you as one of our guest speakers for our event:

Seminar Construction Evolution 2019:

Construction, Engineering & Architectural Technology 4.0

2nd October 2019

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya

We thank-you for your kind interest; we are thrilled you got on board of this adventure with us.

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How is the seminar going to be?

The seminar will be in a casual style and easy-going talk, as we want to focus on the audience interaction & nurturing their engagement.

How do I deliver my speech?

As we believe in interaction is the best engagement, you may include multiple of materials such as speech (advisable for maximum 15 minutes of speech time at once), video montage, visual photos, visual slide presentation, demonstration, audios and most important, the Q&A session. The speech can be deliver in either both English and/or Malay.

What should I include in my speech content?

Anything related to your dedicated topic, such as new knowledge, amazing fact, layman friendly & most importantly, an eye opening discovery! Some of topics may be alien to some people, yet, this is time for introduction to future. As our audience may mostly come from construction industry background, we wish that your topic shall provide a relation towards construction field/possible solution/suggestion towards improvement of the industry. Because why not.

How much time do I have for my session?

Each speaker will be provided as much of 30 minutes to 1 hour of time allocation for their session which including speech time, videos, demonstration and Q&A session. You may utilise the allocation as much of your creativity! Good news! After/before your session, you may join the seminar at your own comfort. You may also come just in time of your designated session.

Do I have to bring anything for the seminar?

You may bring any supporting materials for your presentation such as brochure, handouts, leaflet, gadgets, demo items and anything relevant.

How do I find out more details about the seminar tentative?

To find out more about the seminar tentative, kindly visit our official seminar webpage at

How many audience be expected to be in the seminar?

Initially we targeted for exclusive 100 number of participants, and this number could reach up to 150 pax limit.

Who is the audience?

There are number of audience categories we invited to be part of the seminar audience including construction industry practitioner, decision-maker, implementer, potential investor, academicians and more. List of audience:

  • Professional engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, technical)
  • Technicians (electrician, welder, foreman, machine operator)
  • Technologists (IT expert, BIM modeller, IBS practitioners)
  • Architectures (architect consultant, firm, Part 1 & 2 architect, drafter)
  • Contractors (G1 to G7)
  • Managers (construction project manager, assistant manager, project director, project coordinator)
  • Supervisors (safety supervisor, safety officer, environmental officer)
  • Surveyors (land surveyor, quantity surveyor, quality surveyor)
  • Academicians (doctorate, professors, lecturer, researchers & post graduate students)
Yet, to ensure our speaker comfort, preparation & readiness, our team will further communicate with you regarding the latest update on the registered audience segments, prior event.

Any procedure involve for me toward the seminar event?

There are few procedures may involve you and your company towards the seminar that are:

  • 1 session of recording for montage & promotional video/photo (including company info, logo, product/service);
  • 1 session of presentation content review; and
  • 1 session of seminar briefing (prior event).
Any additional activity required will further communicate accordingly.

How this will benefit me?

We'll be in touch continuously throughout years & further allocate special slot for you/your company to promote (your ideas/company product) via our social media platform (photos, videos, link, event announcement etc). With genuine audience we have (niche construction industry background), this will be one of best win-win situation chances! This may include:

  • 3 promotional slots in our social media platform;
  • Free registration on our Malaysian Construction Directory of Professional Services 2019 ;
  • Unlimited allocation for construction job advertisement for Free of Charge! ; and
  • Networking/contact with seminar's audience.

Token of Appreciation

We highly appreciate people, companies & those who support our event & activities. For that, we provide a Token of Appreciation for each of our speakers.

How can we help you?

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